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Review from by Tom Hall. August 20, 2018

Repossessed opened this past Thursday in the Foulds Theatre at the Alliance for the Arts. In addition to powerful acting by some of the area’s best thespians, the play boasts one of the more intriguing themes to cross the boards in Southwest Florida since, perhaps, Theatre Conspiracy’s production of Jennifer Haley’s The Nether in 2016.

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Y’all. I saw this last night and it’s a MUST SEE! So many jaw dropping moments! Such a gripping, powerful storyline told by amazingly talented cast! It’s such an abstract concept yet you easily believe that it’s not only possible but they are actually living through the ramifications! Stop reading! Get your tickets! Go!
-Paula Sisk

REPOSSESSED opened last night at Theatre Conspiracy. You really don’t want to miss this thought-provoking gem of a play. From Bill Taylor’s mind-boggling set to the acting prowess of Brenden Powers, Rachel Burttram Powers, Patrick Day, Joann Haley, Lauren Drexler Taylor, and outstanding direction by Stephen Hooper...a perfect night of theater.
-Patricia Clopton

REPOSSESSED at Theatre Conspiracy at the Alliance for the Arts, directed by Stephen Hooper! Fabulous production. Loved the amazing set by Bill Taylor and the performers were all fantastic.
-Gerrie Benzing

I thoroughly enjoyed "Repossessed" at Theatre Conspiracy, a cerebral progression through a futuristic, capitalist movement that allows humans to change their brains for and at a price....

Directed by Stephen Hooper, I was drawn into the performances of Lauren Drexler Taylor, Brendan and Rachel Burttram Powers and Patrick Day (who's a gem of a guy but plays a jerk really well).
Another weekend remains! (I'll be going back to see it again.)
-Kathy Grey