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Rule Clarifications/Alterations

Sadly, this being our first game, we did not understand entirely what it ment to write clear rules. All the rules are there, but they are a bit... dense. We have, by playing the game even more after we released it, come up with some alternate rules (often closer to clarifications) which make the game simpler to explain and more consistent. Feel free to use them, ignore them, or make your own rules as desired.

Major Clarification

Your turn consists of two parts. Part One: Place a stone. Part Two: Slide stones. Note you must place a stone each turn. You do not have to slide stones.

Ending Rule

Instead of the strange "you have two home and no where else" rule, it is easier to say simply, "you win when you have two points." This means three stones home and one stone away does count as a win (which is not the case in the given rules.) It is slightly different, but not so much as to change the game substantially.

Construction by Pickup

If you pick up a stone thus uncovering a previously broken triangle, you do get the benefits of it. This allows some extra richness to the game, and does seem more natural than making it not create a triangle. I have gone back and forth on this one multiple times, and currently am happy with the "does work" side of things.

Alternate Slide Counting

It seems to be easier to say, "you get one slide plus the number of triangles you have at the beginning of your turn" instead of saying you count slides half-way through the turn after placement. When teaching the game, go with this rule. It rarely makes much difference.


These are weird variants that do change the game. If you come up with any of your own that you like, send us mail!

Two Player Mode

Each player gets four pieces of opponent's color and three white stones and two 'dead' color stones. Then play as normal. The 'dead' stones are very effective blocks and can cause a lot of traffic jams.

Jammed Gives Freedom

If your pieces are unable to move and you still have slides, you can slide a white stone. Note this means you can intentionally jam your pieces so you can move white pieces.

Smooth Sliding

A piece can slide in any direction as far as it likes (but not through other pieces).

Recycling Pickups

At the beginning of your turn, if you have a power triangle around a colored dot, you can do a pickup instead of a slide.

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