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Q: What parts should be in the game?
A: One board, 9 white stones, 6 green stones, 6 light blue stones, and 6 dark blue stones. You should also have the instructions, and one photograph fragment for good luck. If you do not, send us e-mail and we will make good our mistake.

Q: What is ment by "unused power triangles" in the rules?
A: Unused in this case means "not used to pick any stones up". What it is saying is if you make a triangle with your placement, and don't pick any stones up, you get an extra slide during the slide part of your turn.

Q: Which triangles use the colored dots?
A: Any triangle surrounding them with them in the center. So Both the itty-bitty triangle and the medium triangle around the single dots can be formed to take advantage of those dots.

Q: Can I order replacement stones?
A: Yes, we will sell you replacement stones at 10 cents each plus $1.00 for shipping and handling.

Q: When do I count how many Power Triangles I have for extra slides?
A: Count them after you have placed your stone and resolved any effect. If you pick up a stone and break a power triangle before you reached the slide phase of your turn, you do not get the slides for that triangle.

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