Pair-of-Dice Games is pleased to offer our games for stores and other retail outlets.

  • We will sell you games for 50% of retail value if you buy 12 or more games.
  • Shipping is $10 for all orders within the USA for any order regardless of size.
  • Your store will be listed on our web site as a Pair-of-Dice vendor.

You can mail, phone, or e-mail in orders. For shipping outside USA please contact us. We accept checks, or payments through PayPal.

Sorry, but we are unable to take returns on our retail sales.

Retail Prices:


Suggested Retail Price

Your Price

Restaurant Row



Chopstick Dexterity Megachallenge 3000



Marvin Marvel's Marvelous Marble Machine



Warp 6






Dice Combo
(Knockabout & Warp 6 packaged together)



Hex Nut



To order our games for your store, please contact Pair-of-Dice Games at, 112 Union Park Street #2, Boston, MA 02118 or call (617) 451-5051.

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