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This is the Warp 6 Support Page, with more information about the game and variants to try.

Two Player Version

If you have bought a version that is only designated for three players, you may play a version for two players with the addition of some extra dice. Add a 4 sided die, a 6-sided die, and an 8-sided die of two different colors, so that there are 9 total for each color. The goal is now to get 6 out of your 9 dice out to win.

To obtain the extra dice from Pair-of-Dice, email us.

Initial choice variant

Instead of having the three players roll for the initial numbers, try having the three players secretly choose their initial numbers, revealing them at once before placing them. The highest numbers still place and move first.

More than three players

Though is possible to play with more than three players if you obtain an extra set of dice in different colors, it is not recommended as there is a marked lack of control when you add the extra dice.

Different Dice

It has been reported that the game works well with six 6-sided dice per side.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this game. We would love to hear from you!

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