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by Greg Lam, Brian Tivol, and Luke Weisman

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2002 Honoree
Abstract Strategy

Guide your fleet of ships down the spiral path before your opponent does. Your fleet is composed of four-, six-, and eight-sided dice. A die moves as far as the number indicated on its face, but gets rerolled whenever it warps down a level by landing on another ship. If you can manage to warp down six levels, you'll reach the end in no time.

Number of Players: 2 or 3
Length of Game:
20-30 minutes
For Ages: 12 and up

Price: $22.95

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Warp 6 Starting Position
Warp 6

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Warp 6 Mid-Game Position
Warp 6

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Warp 6 Reviews

"Tremendously satisfying... With its simple and innovative rules, this captivating challenge is guaranteed to reward the patient, calculating strategist."

"Warp 6 is one of my favorite recipes for an abstract strategy gamea dash of luck seasoned with some easy but viable strategy"

"Clever... quick and satisfying... If you especially like race games, raise the rating to A.... Overall rating: A- "

Creator Note:

"What I love about this game is that there is a lot of variety in the gameplay for such a simple concept. There are interesting interactions between the players, offensive and defensive plays, and strategies which favor those who can look ahead a bit. There's also a momentum that propels the games towards the endgame as the ships near the final goal."

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