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by Luke Weisman

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Additional materials needed:
6 pink, 6 blue, and 6 green chits

This is a game of pure strategy in which the combatants maneuver their stones around a triangular board to their home base. A self-balancing game, the power can shift in an instant between the three players.

Number of Players: 3
Length of Game:
25-40 minutes
For Ages: 12 and up

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Triangle Game Reviews

"The Zombies were pleasantly surprised by the way the game played. All three players enjoyed the strategy and style of the game. "

"Overall, the game is an enjoyable game with some interesting tactics."

Creator Note:

"The Triangle Game is a strategy game for exactly three people. I designed it because I felt there was a lack of three player games of any sort. It takes roughly thirty minutes to play. The Triangle Game is a self-balancing game which means that a player who is behind can easily catch up, ensuring that no one is ever permanently out of the game. The object is to get as many pieces home as possible. Since a player usually has to help one of her two opponents during her turn, lagging players often get helped, making for a neck-and-neck race to victory. The key to the game is making Power Triangles; Power Triangles give players extra moves and the ability to remove stones from the board, thus thwarting their opponents and aiding themselves. Each move is a tension-riddled puzzle, and a single misstep can lead to a lighting fast defeat. The game is cute, portable, and hand-made, folding into its own built-in pouch."

Triangle Board

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