by Greg Lam

A fast-paced, two-player card game in which YOU are the pro wrestler. Attack, counterattack, and when all else fails, cheat while the referee isn't looking. You could go all the way if you don't break kayfabe. Tuck a steel chair into your tights and go for the belt!

80 Cards printed on card stock.

Number of Players: 2
Length of Game:
15-25 minutes
For Ages: 12 and up

Price: $9.95

Creator Note

"I'm a closet pro wrestling fan, so inventing this game was a lot of fun. Trying to mimic the... unique charms of the pro wrestling genre is a challenge, but it feels like a real match. There are moves you can do when you're ahead, and other things you can do in desperation. And there's always the trash talk. This is a great game for those who know what a 'Smark' is. When you play the game, it's a lot more fun if you get into character. What's your finishing maneuver called?"

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