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by Luke Weisman

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Additional materials needed:
5 black and 5 white six-sided dice

Two warring Confucian tribes wage a fierce battle for control of a sacred mountaintop. The combatants (humans, goats, worms, and Buddhas) that die during the battle are randomly reincarnated. Your fierce human can end up a lowly worm, and vice versa. A fast-paced game of strategy and good fortune.

Number of Players: 2
Length of Game:
10-15 minutes
For Ages: 12 and up

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Pagoda Review:

"The game is very clever. B+"

Matthew Gray
Board Game Stuff

"If you like abstracts, you should probably give it a try. "

Brian Bankler
The Tao of Gaming

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Creator Note:

"The nice thing about this game, which I didn't realize until a friend pointed it out to me, is that it is a five-in-a-row game with only five pieces.

I love the reluctance to capture as well--it is rare to find a game where capturing an opponent's piece may indeed help her. "

- Luke Weisman

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