If you want a peek at some unfinished games, then feel free to check these out. We reserve all rights to them, however. We may manufacture these if we get enough interest in them to do so and we work out the various production challenges that these games present. If any of these sound interesting to you, email us at info@pair-of-dice.com

Games In Development

Games that we are working on, that may be fully published someday.

by Greg Lam
A board game themed on a sailing race in which players trade wind cards to move their boats around the race course. The winds that you use can be stolen by other players, and then used in turn.

Out of Print Games

Games we once printed but no longer.

The Triangle Game
by Luke Weisman
An abstract game for exactly three players.

Games In Limbo

Ideas that may have hit a dead end, but are still on our mind sometimes.

Bottle Cap Placemat Games
by Greg Lam and Luke Weisman
An ongoing attempt to market games printed on placemats using bottles and bottle caps as the pieces.

by Luke Weisman, Todd Stewart, and David Burt
Cinis is a dark-fantasy tabletop role playing game.

Gnome Park
by Luke Weisman
You are in a competition with your neighbours to build the best back yard as defined by the most gnomes and flowers along your garden paths. But beware the deadly garden slug, and the hideous pink flamingo, which can bring property values crashing down.

The Main Event
by Greg Lam
A two player boxing card game. 10 rounds with boxers of differing abilities. If you choose one punch, your opponent may just outguess you. A Rock-Paper-Scissors type of guessing game.

The Night Shift
by Greg Lam
Motley crews of specialized robots race around a dangerous factory floor, trying to outperform all the other crews. To do so will require teamwork, hustle, and cunning.

by Greg Lam
A pure abstract game in which your movement ability grows and grows, then dwindles down to nothing. Backgammon on a deadline.

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